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We’ve a large range of specialist equiment available. If you want further information about our rigs and equipment or if you have any questions regarding our capabilities please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Geonor Vane Tester (GVT)

Insitu Testing

  • Provides an indication of in-situ undrained shear strength
  • Ideal for fined grained clays, silts or other fine grained geomaterials
  • Mine tailings & organic muck
  • Applicable to soils with strengths less than 200kPa
  • Used to evaluate rapid loading strength for total stress analysis
  • Peak undrained shear strength, su, during the initial rotation
  • Remoulded undrained shear strength, su, after 5 to 10 vane rotations
  • Sensitivity, ST, the ratio of peak undrained shear strength to remoulded undrained shear strength


Insitu Testing

  • Standard Penetrometer Testing
  • Calibrated SPT hammers
  • Donut Trip Hammers
  • 75mm Test increments

CPT Ranger Sampler

Insitu Testing

  • Take a spot sample at any depth
  • Determine the soil structure in a location where CPT data is a little vague.
  • Confirm the stratigraphy with physical evidence.
  • Ideal for soft sensitive materials
  • 600mm length x 36mm diameter

Packer Test

Insitu Testing

  • Wireline IPI Packer Test
  • Quick and easy use
  • Digital Flow meter and multiply gauges for easy recording
  • 250psi and 500psi shear pins


Insitu Testing

  • Pendulem hammers creating good constent strike
  • Left and Right testing 
  • Tri-axial SCPT Cone made by Geomil
  • Testing at any required increments


Insitu Testing

  • sDMT Equipment from Marchetti, Italy
  • Testing increments from 0.20m DMT tests and 0.5m Seismic tests
  • Single Hammer on Pendulem
  • 0.2mm and 0.3mm membranes for different soil strengths
  • Self contained trailer with 60m of rods

Shelby Tubes / Piston Samplier

Insitu Testing