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We’ve a large range of specialist equiment available. If you want further information about our rigs and equipment or if you have any questions regarding our capabilities please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Track Mounted Drill Rig

Drill Rig

  • 100m HQ
  • HQ, PQ, Solid auger, Hollow Stems, Wash Drilling
  • 6m Mast for quicker in-situ testing
  • Rubber tracks for easy ste acces and great traction
  • Levelling rams for easy setup

Tractor Mounted Drill Rig

Drill Rigs

  • Three Compact hydraulic tractor mounted units
  • Easy access to small sites but with large rig capabilities.
  • Minimise ground pressure exerted thus preventing damage to surfaces with dual wheeled rubber tyred, light weight tractors
  • Work in restricted access sites
  • Extendable mast to allow for large rig performance and 6m rod pulls.
  • Triple tube coring range 70m – 100m
  • Fast borehole characterisation with Wash Drilling
  • Efficient shallow depth site investigation with Open Auger drilling
  • Environmental sampling with Hollow Stem Augers
  • Hard rock drilling with Down-the-Hole Hammer
  • Angled bore holes to 45°

Sonic Drill Rig

CRS XL Max Duo

  • 60m Sonic Drilling
  • 200m HQ Drilling
  • Automatic SPT hammer
  • Rod Handlers
  • Safety cage, Emergency Stop